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Nothing finishes a kitchen or bath better than a beautiful backsplash. In fact, if you walk into any new or renovated home, you will see backsplash in the kitchen and bathroom. Backsplash is almost always included in remodeled and new homes. Initially, backsplash was used to protect walls from water, grease, spills, and more. However, over time, backsplashes have become a way to add color and style to your home or business. With a variety of styles and materials, you can dramatically change the overall look of any room.

Why Choose Castle Tile Marble and Granite for your Backsplash Project?

At Castle Tile Marble and Granite, we offer a unique selection of backsplashes. Whether you are looking for tile, marble, granite, mosaics, or more, we can help. With over 2,000 slabs and more than 200 colors in our showroom, we have the largest selection of backsplash colors, patterns, styles, and materials to choose from. Not only are our backsplashes great for kitchens and baths, but they are also a wonderful way to create an accent wall. As a local, full-service countertop, flooring, and backsplash fabrication and installation company, we know backsplash. That is to say, we can not only help you choose the right backsplash, but we can flawlessly install it as well.


Benefits of Backsplash


Adds Beauty, Style, and a Personal Touch

Nothing adds more beauty and style to a kitchen or bathroom than stylish backsplashes. In fact, a blank wall is an open canvas. As a result, your creativity can be endless with the vast selection of mosaics, colors, materials, and styles.


Protection for the Walls Beneath

The walls in your kitchen can accumulate oil, grease, food particles, and more. While bathroom walls are prone to water damage from splashes. However, installing backsplashes offers protection for your walls and your investment.


Resist Stains

The material you choose will determine how stain resistant your backsplash will be. For example, some natural stones will be more prone to staining. This is due to the porous nature of some materials. On the other hand, is you choose a stone that is non-porous, stains will not penetrate the surface.


Quick and Easy to Clean

Most homeowner love backsplashes because they are easy to clean and maintain. In many cases, a quick wipe down with a damp sponge or cloth is all you need to keep it clean and beautiful.

Most Popular Backsplash Materials

When you are ready to transform your kitchen or bath, look no further than the experts at Castle Tile Marble & Granite. Our designers will help you choose the backsplash solution to compliment your existing countertops and floors. If you are looking for a complete kitchen or bath remodel, we can help! In short, we can find the exact blend of backsplash, countertops and flooring for a kitchen or bath that is both beautiful and functional. Our most popular backsplash materials include:

Get in Touch for the Largest Selection of Backsplash in Palm Beach County

Here at Castle Tile Marble and Granite, we proudly offer a wholesale inventory of backsplashes for your home or business. With a large inventory, we have the perfect material for your home or business. As a wholesaler and retailer, you enjoy tremendous savings on any job, large or small. Overall, we strive to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction, and the best value in the industry. If you are looking for stunning, durable, backsplash, contact us today, or stop by our showroom. You won’t be disappointed with our selection or prices.

Excellent merchant. Competitive prices and impeccable service. Ray and his team always do an amazing job. Just renovated my kitchen with granite and marble backsplash. I couldn’t be happier.

Anna G.

Backsplash Castle Tile, Marble & Granite
Backsplash Castle Tile, Marble & Granite

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