Castle Quartz Countertops

Stunning, Durable Castle Quartz Countertops

If you are searching for countertops that are durable and beautiful, Castle Quartz is a great option!  Castle Quartz countertops are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, bars and many more areas in both homes and businesses.  The strength and durability of Castle Quartz is unlike any other stone and is resistant to stains, chipping and scratches.  At Castle Tile, Marble and Granite, we have one of the largest showrooms in Palm Beach County with over 2,000 slabs of stunning stones to choose from. Come stop by today to browse our wonderful selection and speak with a member from our team about your countertop project. 

Castle Quartz vs Quartz Countertops

Castle Quartz is superior to other quartz in many ways. Unlike other quartz manufacturers, Castle Quartz is manufactured with Brentonstone Technology. This is a patented process that combines natural quartz with other aggregate materials. The materials are mixed, compacted, and heat cured. This results in an impenetrable, beautiful surface.  Castle Quartz has a better density, finish, durability, and aesthetics.  At Castle Tile, Marble and Granite, we are able to offer our Castle Quartz customers a 15 year warranty. If you are interested in additional information about Castle Quartz, contact us today. 

Castle Quartz_3cm Bianco Statuario Quartz
Castle Quartz Countertops

Benefits of Castle Quartz Slabs



Castle Quartz is an absolutely stunning stone! This is due to the Brentonstone manufacturing and finishing process. Each slab is highly polished, resulting in a result that is opulent, deep, and rich.



Because Castle Quartz is nonporous, there are no holes or cracks where liquids can soak in. In addition, it will not stain  or have mold or bacteria issues.


Variety of Colors & Designs

Castle Quartz can be manufactured to resemble granite, marble, onyx, quartzite, and more. Additionally, Castle Quartz is available in a wide variety of colors providing you with endless design possibilities.


Easy Maintenance

Since Castle Quartz is both durable and nonporous, it makes maintenance a breeze! Simply clean the surface with soap and water and your countertops will look brand new.


Strength & Durability

As one of the most durable quartz surfaces available, Castle Quartz leads the market in durability. Not only is it  resistant to chipping, but also resistant to scratching. 


Custom Made to Fit Your Needs

Whether you need a slab for a large gourmet kitchen or a small powder room, we can fit any need. Thick or thin, large, or small, Castle Quartz is available in varying sizes and thicknesses.

Enjoy the Beauty of Castle Quartz Slabs

in any Area of your Home or Business

From kitchen countertops to hotel lobbies and everything in between, you can’t go wrong with Castle Quartz. As a matter of fact, the highly polished finish and opulent look will set your property apart from the rest!

Some common areas we install Castle Quartz include:


Residential Countertops




And More

Quartz Calacatta Super Vanity Top

Discover the Beauty of Castle Quartz

Here at Castle Tile Marble and Granite, we proudly offer a wholesale inventory of Castle Quartz countertops for your home or business. Not only do we carry a large inventory to choose from, but we also offer the most affordable prices. From our first consultation to project completion, our team is committed to your complete satisfaction. We strive to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction, and the best value in the industry. If you are looking for stunning, durable, quartz slabs for countertops, contact us today, or stop by our showroom. You can also view our gallery of Castle Quartz slabs here> 

Hired them to install Quartz countertop on my new kitchen. The job was completed on time and the results were superb. Very professional company. Strongly recommend them

W. H. Wu

Castle Quartz Countertops
Castle Quartz Countertops
Castle Quartz Countertops

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