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Largest Selection of Marble Slabs in Palm Beach County

For the largest selection of premium marble slabs in Palm Beach County, contact Castle Tile Marble and Granite. Known for its elegance and prosperity, marble will add value and a timeless ambiance to any home or business. Brilliant and luxurious, our marble slabs are stunning and one of a kind. This is because we carefully source our marble from the finest quarries around the world. With a variety of colors available in our showroom, you are sure to find the right slab for your project.

Marble Slabs
Marble Slabs
Marble Slabs

What Makes Marble Slabs from Castle Tile Marble and Granite Superior to Others in Palm Beach County?

Quality & Selection at Affordable Prices

If you are thinking about using marble for your next project, choosing the best slab is important. For this reason, customers in Palm Beach County have relied on Castle Tile Marble and Granite. First, our marble slabs are of the highest quality. Each slab is handpicked from the finest quarries around the world. Second, we have one of the largest selections of slabs in our showroom. When you visit us, you will find over 2,000 slabs and more than 200 colors to choose from. Third, our prices are affordable. As a wholesaler and retailer, we can pass on tremendous savings to our customers. When you choose us to fabricate and install your marble slab, you can rest easy. Not only are you receiving the best service for your investment, but you are also receiving the highest quality slab.

Benefits of Marble


Being a natural stone, marble is more resistant to scratching and cracking than other materials. When professionally installed and well kept, marble will last a lifetime. However, marble is more porous than other materials and can stain. This is easily overcome with a protective sealer.

Beautiful and Distinctive

Other materials try to imitate the look of marble. However, they have limited success. As an igneous stone, marble has a look unlike any other stone. The combination of marble’s subtle veining and a polished and glossy surface will add luxuriousness when used in home and business interiors. Given that no two slabs are alike, your surface will be unique.

Maintenance is Easy with a Little Care and Attention

The first step in marble maintenance is applying a protective sealer. Not only will the sealer keep dirt out, but it will also prevent staining. And, if you wipe spills as soon as they happen, your marble should stay stain-free. If using marble in the kitchen, place warm, abrasive, and wet items on mats to make sure your surface stays damage-free.


The price of marble varies depending on the type of slab chosen and the thickness of the slab. However, marble is often less expensive than quartz or granite. 


Marble is a softer stone, making it much easier to shape its edges. This gives you the possibility to individualize your countertops and add an intriguing texture.

Marble Slabs

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With years of fabrication and installation experience, the team at Castle Tile Marble and Granite can make your remodeling vision a reality. Not only can we help you choose the right marble slab, but we can flawlessly install it as well. If you are interested in marble slabs, contact us today. Or visit our vast showroom and collection in Delray Beach.

Purchased two complete kitchen counter tops from them over the years and couldn’t be happier. Price and quality of the product as well as the installation was top notch. Had one of the counter tops polished recently and they made them look like the day they were installed . Highly recommend….

M. Caruso

Enjoy the Subtle Beauty of Marble for your Home or Business in Palm Beach County

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