Quartzite Slabs Boca Raton


Largest Variety of Quartzite Slabs in Boca Raton

If you are searching for affordable, high quality quartzite slabs near you in Boca Raton, stop by the showroom at Castle Tile Marble and Granite.  Located in Delray Beach, we are one of the largest natural stone wholesalers in our region.  With an extensive inventory of carefully selected quartzite slabs, we can provide you with a slab that will reflect your vision and meet your needs. Family owned and operated, we have been serving homeowners, contractors, designers, business owners, property managers and architects in Palm Beach County since 2007. As a wholesaler and retailer, we can pass tremendous savings to our customer. With hundreds of satisfied customers and an abundance of positive reviews, we are one of the best and most respected importers, manufacturers, fabricators, and installers in the area. From design through installation, our team will create the surface of your dreams. We invite you to visit our showroom in Delray Beach and look forward to working with you.

Quartzite Slabs Boca Raton
Quartzite Slabs Boca Raton
Quartzite Slabs Boca Raton

What is Quartzite?

Quartzite is an extremely hard metamorphic rock that originated as quartz sandstone.  Through a process that involves pressurization and high heat, the quartz sandstone loses its original shape and is transformed into quartzite. This process creates a dense, hard metamorphic rock.  Quartzite can be found in a variety of colors including white, brown, black, blue, grey, pink, yellow and orange and can resemble granite or marble. While quartzite can look like marble, its durability is stronger than granite, making it an ideal choice for kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, bar tops and more. 

Our Quartzite Slabs are Perfect for Residential and Commercial Countertop Projects in Boca Raton

With a vast selection of quartzite slabs and the finest fabrication and installation of quartzite countertops, Castle Tile Marble and Granite has been the contractor of choice for homeowners, general contractors, facility managers, general managers, HOA’s and business owners in Boca Raton and throughout Palm Beach County. Our projects have included:

  • Apartment Complexes / High Rise Condominiums
  • Club Houses
  • Convention Facilities / Government Buildings
  • Education Facilities
  • Hotels/Resorts
  • Medical/Clinical Facilities
  • Office Buildings
  • Private Residences
  • Restaurants / Hospitality / Retail Facilities
  • And More
Quartzite Slabs Boca Raton
Quartzite Slabs Boca Raton

What are the Benefits of Quartzite?

  • Resistant to Heat and Fire – Quartzite is resistant to both heat and fire, making it a great kitchen countertop surface.
  • Resistant to Chipping & Scratching – Unlike marble, quartzite is resistant to scratching, chipping, and etching.
  • Low Maintenance – Quartzite countertops are easy to clean.  Soap and water will keep your countertops looking great.
  • UV Resistant – Quartzite is resistant to UV rays, making it ideal for outdoor kitchen countertops or in kitchens or bathrooms that have direct natural light.
  • Outstanding Durability – Quartzite is more durable than marble or granite making it a perfect countertop surface for a kitchen, bathroom, bar
  • Looks like Marble – If you love the look of marble, quartzite is perfect for you. Quartzite is available in many colors and will keep its color over time.  Some quartzite surfaces look so much like marble, it is hard to tell them apart.

Choose the Best Quartzite Slabs for your Remodeling Project in Palm Boca Raton

Castle Tile Marble & Granite is your trusted single source for all your quartzite slab and countertop needs. The design experts at Castle Tile Marble & Granite will consult with you in your home, or business to help you choose just the right color schemes to help you achieve the look and ambiance you desire at a price you can afford . Locally owned and operated since 2007, we strive to deliver the highest standard of quality, integrity, and customer satisfaction at an affordable price. Contact us today 


We had shopped for stone and fabricator for many months. Our kitchen counter area is quite large with multiple levels and expansive backsplash. Their price was very competitive, the quartzite is exquisite, and the cut/fabrication/installation was of expert perfectionist quality. We are delighted they were able to complete the entire job with two full slabs. The many angles and cuts were extremely tight, and the installers were careful, clean, and determined to finish with the highest quality product. We’re also quite glad we chose the quartzite backsplash addition and that Ray helped us understand how it was possible. Most kitchens aren’t as large or complicated as ours, and they nailed it. Very highly recommended.

Shane G.

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