Kitchen Countertops Boynton Beach

Largest Selection of Kitchen Countertops in the Boynton Beach Area

Are you looking for kitchen countertop ideas in Boynton Beach? If so, contact Castle Tile Marble and Granite. Established in 2007, we have the largest selection of high-quality slabs for kitchen countertops in the Boynton Beach area. In fact, we have over 2,000 slabs and over 200 colors in our showroom. This includes granite, quartzite, quartz, marble, exotic, dolomite, and more. All of our stone is handpicked from the finest quarries around the world. Which ensures the finest slab is used for your countertop. As a wholesaler and retailer, you enjoy tremendous savings on any job, large or small.

Kitchen Countertops boynton beach

Installing the Highest Quality Stone for your Kitchen Countertops in Boynton Beach

Trying to decide what material to choose for your kitchen countertops is an important decision. From granite to marble and everything in between, each material has different properties and looks. At Castle Tile Marble and Granite, we will help you sift through your options. This will ensure you find the right material for your needs. To repeat, we have the largest selection of slabs in the area. Combined with our wholesale prices, you can’t go wrong. Our kitchen countertop materials include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Dolomite
  • Exotic
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Onyx
  • Quartz
  • Quartzite
  • Porcelain
  • And More

Most Popular Kitchen Countertops in Boynton Beach


One of the most popular stones, granite, has been a winner for decades. Known for its durability, granite won’t chip, crack, or stain. Because granite is a natural stone, each slab is unique, beautiful, and will enhance the value of your property. and beautiful. Overall, granite is a great surface for kitchens.


If you are looking for an affordable, beautiful kitchen countertop that can complement your décor, dolomite is perfect for you. Although dolomite is a lesser-known stone, it has been rapidly gaining popularity. Available in shades of white and gray, dolomite resembles marble. However, it is tougher than marble. This is a show stopping material that will enhance the look and feel of any kitchen.


This material is one of the most beautiful natural stones found on earth. While porcelain and quartz can imitate the look of marble, nothing compares to the real thing. Infused with rich crystals, marble is available in a variety of colors. However, marble is more porous than other materials. Consequently, spills should be cleaned up immediately.


If you are searching for a surface that resembles marble, but is more durable, quartzite if for you. As a matter of fact, some quartzite surfaces look so much like marble that it is hard to tell them apart. Additionally, quartzite is formed from fine grains of quartz and sandstone through a process of pressurization and heat. Not only does this make quartzite extremely durable, but it also creates a stunning surface. Quartzite color patterns resemble marble, and include white, brown, black, and blue. As with many natural surfaces, periodic sealing is needed to prevent staining.

Castle Quartz

Quartz is one of the hardest minerals on earth. As a result, quartz has become a popular and reliable surface choice for kitchens. Similar to granite, quartz is extremely durable and will not chip, crack, or stain. Additionally, our Castle Quartz can be manufactured to look like granite, marble, onyx, quartzite. and more

kitchen countertops boynton beach
kitchen countertops boynton beach

Get in Touch for Kitchen Countertops in Boynton Beach

At Castle Tile Marble and Granite, we proudly offer a wholesale inventory of stone slabs for your kitchen countertops in Boynton Beach. Not only do we carry the most slabs in Palm Beach County, but we also carry the highest quality slabs. From our first consultation to project completion, our team is committed to your full satisfaction. Above all, we strive to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction, and the best value in the industry. If you are looking for kitchen countertops in Boynton Beach, contact us today. Otherwise you can stop by our showroom in Delray Beach.

Castle tile did a brilliant job with the countertops in a kitchen I did over. They delivered sooner than they said they would and the quality of the quartz and the installation were top notch! I am so pleased!

Tippi B.

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